Asus Netbook 1008P-KR-PU37-PI EeePC 1008P-KR(P) 320GB 10.1inch N570 2GB Windows 7 Home Premium Bluetooth 1.3M Pink Retail
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Making Waves with the Techno-chic Digi-Wave Design

The Eee PC™ 1008P is encased from top to bottom in visually striking; organic Digi-Waves. The rippling lines—which convey a sense of forward movement—adhere perfectly to the golden ratio; bearing testament to the extreme precision required to produce the subtle waves and retain color consistency across the peaks and troughs. The perfection of each wave can be perceived with the gentlest of touches.

Be Bold in Glossy Hot Pink

Hot Pink is the new black for fashion and a shock of punchy pink is just the thing to brighten any ensemble. This positive and very orgulous color clearly communicates the idea of immateriality; entropy and energy of a strong optimistic presence. The Hot Pink Eee PC™ 1008P which recalls a fashionable woman strolling down New York\'s Fifth Avenue—has a metallic silver bottom layer and a transparent Hot Pink IMR upper layer.

A Touch of Prestige

The Eee PC™ Seashell Karim Rashid Collection reflects Karim and ASUS’ view that function; material; form; performance; texture; color and ease-of-use are inseparable in any object of beauty. It is designed to stimulate all five human senses; including the sense of touch; which is often overlooked in the PC domain. The Eee PC™ Seashell Karim Rashid Collection thus sets itself apart from other netbooks through its innovative finishes that pamper users’ palms and fingertips""
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ASUS111059Ultra Mobile Notebook/EeePC1008P-KR-PU37-PI