HighPoint Technology RocketRaid 2220 PCI-X 8 Channel SATA RAID 64bit 133Mhz
Key Features
  • including Online Capacity Expansion RAID Level Migration and HighPoints RAID Management software. Supporting RAID levels 0 1 5 10 and JBOD plus disk hot plug hot swap and HighPoints RAID features the RocketRAID 2220 is an ideal solution for applications where high levels of sustained read and write performance are required including video streaming web content reference data and fixed content storage. The RocketRAID 2220 supports advanced RAID levels 0 1 5 10 and JBOD.""SATA Internal Channels: 8
  • SATA Cable Included: No
  • Weight: 2lb
  • Boot Option: Yes
  • Warranty: 3 year
  • OS Support: "Windows Linux and FreeBSD"
Price: $376
Marketing Info
The HighPoint RocketRAID 2220 is a high-performance SATA II to PCI-X HBA. The RocketRAID 2220 supports key features with hot-swap and hot-spare that are critical to ensuring business continuity.The HighPoint RocketRAID 2220 Controller is a 8-port native Serial ATA II RAID controller that combines the high-performance storage connectivity of Serial ATA with HighPoints advanced RAID features
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HighPoint1.55LB37192CCRAID ControllerACTIVEEAROCKETRAID 2220
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