Zalman Case Z7 Mid Tower ATX/ Mini ATX 4xExternal/5xInternal 3.5inch 12cmFan Retail
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Key Features
  • Zalman logo LED:120mm Front blue LED fan and Zalman logo LED presents a simple and elegant design.Front Mesh Cover for High Cooling Performance:The front mesh bay cover provides cool air into the system while dust filters prevent dust from entering.Modular HDD Bay with Rubber Dampers:Modular HDD bay can be raised or lowered according to the users preference and 120mm fan can be installed for maximum HDD cooling. HDD vibration is minimized by rubber dampers.Tool-Free ODD Installation: Tool-Free ODD installation method for easy addition or removal of ODDs.Spacious 300mm Front to Back Interior for Convenient System Installation:Large internal case interior provides ample working space for easy installation and maintenance especially for long high performance VGA card.CPU Cooler Back Plate Hole :CPU Cooler Back Plate Hole is provided for convenient CPU cooler installation. Front Dust Filters:Dust filters in the front mesh covers prevent dust from entering the system and keep the internal components dust-free.Convenient I/O Ports for Peripheral Connection:Convenient I/O Ports for 2 USB 1 e-SATA(Z7 Plus) 1 Headphones and 1 Mic accommodates a variety of peripheral components.Rubber Tube Hole for Liquid Cooling Systems:For water cooling users rubber holes are provided at the rear of the case for convenient water cooling set-up and maintenance.Tool-Free PCI Card Holder:One-Touch PCI card holder enables easy adding or removing of PCI components. Vibration Absorbing Base: The Chassis is raised on rubber mounted feet that prevent resonant vibration and protect the system from possible liquid spills.""Enclosure Color: Black
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Expansion Slots: 7
  • Bays Internal: 5 x 3.5""
  • Chassis Type: Medium Tower
  • Bays External: 4 x 5.25""
  • Motherboard Supported Form Factor: ATX/m-ATX
Price: $101
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120mm LED Fan
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